Gonçalo Palma

Flutter Developer

I'm a Flutter Developer, Writer, Founder of Flutter Portugal, open-source enthusiast, and mobile tech advisor for startups that has released 1 game
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Currently working at 3Rein.

The project started a couple of weeks before Flutter 1.0 was announced when BLoC was the sole king of state management and instead of using StackOverflow or Medium, we had to spend quite some time on the (awesome) documentation or going through the unit tests of each library to understand how it all worked.

This is one of the reasons that drove me to start writing Flutter technical articles - not only to learn but to make the journey easier for future developers.

Apart from programming and game design, there are two topics that I am very passionate about but never had the opportunity to tackle them: writing and teaching.

For quite some time, I didn’t have a topic for neither of these, but then I discovered Flutter and it all changed. Now I had an opportunity to combine teaching and writing in a way that would help others in their programming journey.

As such, I started writing Medium articles from what I learned: Asymmetric Key Generation, Dependency Injection, Mixins and the CLI (Command line interface) for Flutter.

After joining FlutterExp as a collaborator, I also started writing small news articles about what has been happening in the world of Flutter

After giving my first talk, Filipe Barroso challenged me and Miguel Ruivo to join his project: Flutter Portugal.

With his vision, this community provided not only talks and content to the members, but also combine the skills of all the members for one objective: making good apps for good causes.

As such, Flutter Portugal helped with the application which gives real-time information about the fires in Portugal and Vost mobile application whose objective is to complement the app with a wider range of information apart from fires.

Also from this project and with the help of Mariana Castanheira we started translating Flutter content to Portuguese combining my passion for writing and editing, to make Flutter available for a wider audience who might not be comfortable with the English language.

With Flutter being so new when we started our project, we couldn’t rely entirely on the community packages to achieve our goals. Either the packages lacked features, or they were non-existent.

For that reason, I started creating small packages for Flutter, at the same time I developed my taste for contributing to open-source packages. As of today, there’s rarely a package that I include in a project in which I don’t make at least one or two Pull Requests to incorporate new uses cases for it.

On the other hand, with Flutter Portugal, we started managing and contributing to open-source projects such as and VOST mobile app which have proved to be a challenging but enjoyable task.

By taking part in several projects in Android Development and Flutter Development with different technologies and functionalities such as BLE Beacons, Maps and geo-location, Firebase and E-Commerce and Fitness apps and being involved in the first steps of a startup, I’ve gained some oversight in what is needed to create a tech foundation of a startup.

As such, I’ve been approached by some startup companies to guide them in choosing the best approaches for their backend (using firebase or a dedicated backend, for example), estimates for the projects, feedback for the UI/UX and laying out a plan for the development process.

If you want to contact me, please do so by e-mail.

With no programming experience and eager to make a jump into the IT world, I challenged myself: to prove that I could program, I’d release one game to the world. If I could that, I could for sure find a job in programming.

And thus SquaserZ was born, and with it started an almost half year-long journey to find what I loved in IT, which led me to mobile development, and more recently, Flutter.

One day I’ll challenge myself yet again to continue this passion. One day.