Gonçalo Palma

About Me

Hello there! 👋

In a nutshell, I’m a curious and passionate Software Developer that found his calling in the Flutter framework 💙 for which I am a Google Developer Expert.

I’m fortunate enough to have worked in a wide range of projects, from Smart Cities, running and fitness, live event management, e-commerce, identity providers, and most recently, equine management. I’ve also contributed to two Portuguese OpenSource applications - Fogos.pt and the official Portuguese Government app in response to Covid19 - EstamosOn.

Throughout my developer journey, I’ve decided to share what I know by being a speaker and writing what I’ve been learning in my personal blog.

In my off-times, you can see me playing with my dogs with my fiancé 💍 or convincing (and eventually mentoring) my friends into joining the wonderful world of Software Development.

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Diving Into Flutter

In Diving into Flutter we will discover the Flutter Framework, bit by bit.

From the BuildContext, to pubspec files, going through exotic backend solutions, there won't be a stone left unturned.

Each week I'll also share one or two links for interesting resources I found around the Web

And for other articles, check the rest of the blog! Blog - Gonçalo Palma

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Hey! I'm Gonçalo Palma! 👋

I often share Deep Diving articles on Flutter 💙